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American Horror Story: Coven.


no but really, young Myrtle was hotter than young Fiona.

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Here is some simple American Horror Story Coven fanart. Its of Zoe on her zombie killing spree ^_^ (added the hat from Myrtle’s execution to make her look more witchy). I think I may do the other girls based on their iconic scenes or powers. If you have a suggestion please let me know! Don’t you think this would make a cool t-shirt?
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Replace cigarette with snuggle.
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So the door is open this season for a romantic triangle between a resurrected swamp-lady Fleetwood Mac fangirl, a reanimated fratboy Frankenstein, and a teenager with a death-vagina. Which is not a sentence I will ever get to write about Mad Men.
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The finished image of my digitally drawn “holy warrior”. I created a simple stain glass inspired background. I think I’ll make it a button ^_^. (Her character design, after the fact, reminds me princess bubblegum, the little mermaid, and Starfire ^_^’).